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Industrial pressure washing services

Enhance your property with professional pressure washing services.

Pressure washing is the ultimate solution for cleaning surfaces in industrial environments.

Pressure washing is excellent at removing built-up residue and stains, which other methods would struggle with.

Industrial pressure washing uses specialised high-pressure water equipment to eliminate dirt, residues, and other contaminants. It is a widely utilised method in the Industrial Cleaning field, and its effectiveness is highly acknowledged.

Commonly, it is believed that the water temperature should be hot to achieve more significant benefits from a hot water pressure washing. However, the reality is that it is only necessary on specific occasions. Let us remark that this pressure cleaning service benefits from the force of water pressure. The hot water equipment is known as a steam cleaner; it is used when high temperature but low pressure is needed to avoid damaging surfaces, such as when preserving a historic building, for example (in that case, we are talking about Commercial Pressure Washing). However, these cases are rare in the field of Industrial Cleaning. On the other hand, steam pressure washing can be employed when a significant amount of water cannot be used due to specific conditions in an industrial space, as it operates with very little water.

It is worth mentioning that the pressure washing method is also known as a jet wash, jet washing or jet pressure washing in the UK and Europe. The equipment used for power wash services is often called a jet washer. However, in the professional terminology of industrial cleaning services, the term “jets” is typically associated with the nozzles of the machines used for pressure washing services. Essentially, pressure washing and jet pressure wash terms refer to the same concept: the use of high-pressure water for surface cleaning.

The benefits of receiving a pressure washing service:

  • Pressure washing services allow quicker and more efficient cleaning than manual methods, saving time and effort, especially in large industrial facilities.
  • Regular pressure wash services can help maintain and prolong the life of industrial equipment by removing dirt buildup and corrosion, reducing the risk of failures and breakdowns.
  • We are a company specialising in Industrial Cleaning services. Our more than 90 years of expertise lie in providing comprehensive solutions for exterior and interior cleaning needs.
This image shows a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) with one of our operatives performing an exterior Industrial Cleaning task.

Industrial pressure washing is highly effective in removing contaminants that could be challenging to clean with conventional methods.

MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) are used to safely access elevated or hard-to-reach surfaces.

We offer professional pressure washing services for the exterior cleaning of industrial facilities.

Jet washing
In this image, we can observe the force of the water coming out of the pressure washing hose and nozzle, which can completely remove the dirt. The before and after can be seen in the area being cleaned.

Our industrial pressure washing services ensure thorough and efficient cleaning, restoring the appearance and maintaining the integrity of the facility’s exterior.

This image shows two SWGC operatives conducting an interior Industrial Cleaning job using pressure washers.

In addition to exterior cleaning services, we specialise in interior cleaning services. Our dedicated team is trained to handle the unique challenges of industrial environments, ensuring a clean and safe working environment for our clients.

We use premium quality industrial pressure washers.

In this image, we can appreciate the before and after on the wall in a recycling plant after being cleaned using the pressure washing method.

We are proud to contribute our Industrial Cleaning services to the production cycles of recycling plants.

Industrial Cleaning is essential to the production cycle as it contributes to equipment maintenance, ensures compliance with quality standards, prevents contamination, improves workplace safety, and optimizes production efficiency.

Our professional industrial pressure washing services highlight the numerous benefits they can bring to your facility. We understand the challenges you face in maintaining a clean and well-maintained environment, and we are confident that our services and experience in the business can make a significant difference.

‘‘SWGC, over the past 9 years, have provided a range of services across the whole campus from regular window cleaning and pressure washing requirements to other services including bird prevention measures. Using various specialist access equipment and sometimes at very short notice, we have always been impressed with the quality of their work which is carried out to a very high standard. Their technical proficiency and robust health and safety measures ensure we always receive a very professional service and excellent customer care by both the company and their onsite operatives.’’

Karen Tyrrell
Client & Communications Manager
1000 Lakeside

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