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SWGC – Southern Window & General Cleaning Co. Ltd

Commercial Cleaning Services

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a specialised cleaning performed primarily in public selling goods, such as shopping centres. It is carried out in spaces with a constant flow of people, so it seeks to protect them by taking care of the cleanliness of the facilities, but it also aims to attract consumers by generating visually more attractive facilities. Commercial cleaning has an impact on public health as it prevents the risks of contaminant
It involves using specific methods, such as pressure washing and machines that allow commercial cleaners to reach hard-to-reach areas.

What is Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is a professional service that is part of a production cycle. It favours the maintenance of industrial machinery; It is necessary at the end or beginning of a cycle to maintain the products’ quality standards and avoid risks to the workers. It is done with specific cleaning methods such as deep cleaning vacuum cleaners, and vehicles known as Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWPs) are also used to reach hard-to-reach spaces safely.
To know how to differentiate more clearly Commercial cleaning, please click here on The article on our Blog that will help you answer this question.

Why Choose SWGC


Our qualified team are not only directly employed by SWGC, but we also ensure they are trained to the highest of standards.

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Our experienced SWGC team offer free surveys that can assist you with the best product application and service to suit your needs.


As a business we aim to look after all our customers and that ethos continues throughout senior management to cleaner level.


We think about our customer first. Whether you are a commercial or a industrial client, we aim to provide a second to none service to meet your expectations.


We’re flexible with all our customers and pay attention to each requirement as necessary. Always happy with providing a flexible service that suits the needs of our customers.


We use industry leading cleaning equipment to provide a high quality and efficient clean whilst avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and water wastage.

Featured Projects


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Waste Bin Pressure Washing at Recycling Plant

We were asked by an existing client to carry out cleaning of their industrial size food waste bins after they have been emptied on site. This task involved entering into the bin....


Health & Safety is of paramount importance to us!

At SWGC Co, we don’t just care for the safety of our operatives but also our customer and members of the public. We are committed to health & safety and continuously train our staff in all areas of health & safety.

We are fully insured and aware of our legal obligations.