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Solving the bird guano problem in the long term

Cleaning bird guano away is important – but without preventative measures there’s nothing to stop the birds from coming back and making a mess again. This is where our bird prevention measures come in useful. We both design and install measures.

Keeping the birds at bay

Birds are like anyone else: they like places where they’re comfortable. They’re not going to land in places with spikes. We install a range of spikes, nets and similar preventative measures to keep the birds away from the places on your building you want to keep clear. And without any birds, you don’t get guano!

Keeping your building looking nice

There’s not much point putting bird prevention measures in place if they make your building look ugly. The bird prevention methods which we employ are subtle – they won’t completely deface your property!

2015-02-03 04:52:41

Southern Window and General Cleaning

Can complete thorough risk assessments and method statements prior to commencing any bird prevention operation.

Preventing birds from fouling your property across the UK . Call us today on 023 9237 8855 or 07850 723 348