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Places where other cleaners won’t go

High level cleaning across the UK

2015-03-25 04:18:09

"SWGC have done a marvellous job over the last eight years I have been associated with the Mary Rose, responsible for the annual High Level Clean in the museum, particulary over each of the artefact cases.The team are extremely hard working and get the job completed quickly and efficiently, I would highly recommend them."

Sue Judge, Museum Services Manager
Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth

High level window cleaning with excellent results

It’s not difficult to see why lots of cleaning companies baulk about cleaning high rise buildings – it involves getting pretty high up. This is our area of specialty – we use Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (which involves specialist access equipment), rope access techniques or ground-based waterfed poles. This probably sounds very dangerous, which is why we’re all highly trained and accredited by IPAF and IRATA.

How this will help your organisation

What kind of business property are you working with? A high rise office block, an industrial property or a factory? We provide high level cleaning services for all large buildings including industrial, medical, educational and public buildings.

Even more unusual situations

There are some buildings where cleaning isn’t just a matter of having the equipment to get to the right place – it’s a matter of preserving architecture. We provide high level cleaning for Grade 2 listed buildings. We’re also able to provide cladding restoration. And best of all, we’re able to remove one of the biggest problems and stop it from happening again…

Guano removal

Bird droppings are both unattractive and corrosive. The thing is... birds can fly! As soon as you’ve cleaned a building off, they’ll start causing a problem. We both remove bird guano and install preventative measures to stop them coming back!

Guano Removal

2015-01-20 01:33:40

Bird Prevention

2015-01-20 01:36:38

Window Cleaning

2015-02-03 04:00:05

2015-02-03 04:52:41

Southern Window and General Cleaning

Can complete thorough risk assessments and method statements prior to commencing any high level cleaning operation.

Cleaning in the high places.
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