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Pressure washing for excellent results

Pressure washing is a form of surface cleaning which ensures that dirt and grime are literally blasted away. We use industrial pressure-washers – these are machines which project water at an incredible velocity and pressure to remove dirt very effectively from floors, concrete surfaces and more.

Effective and versatile cleaning

Pressure washing is a sure way of being able to remove grime and dirt from any surface – the pressurised water is very unlikely to miss any dirt. And it’s not just that’s its very good at removing all of the dirt from an area: pressure washing is very good at knocking off built-up residue and stains which other methods would really struggle with – even old paint!

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Where can you make use of pressure washing?

In many industrial and commercial facilities, pressure washing is very useful in cleaning floor areas, concrete and walls. We use a system which allows us to use both water and cleaning agents in cleaning operations. This means that we’re able to customise the clean to be the best it can be for your property.

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Southern Window and General Cleaning

Can complete thorough risk assessments and method statements prior to commencing any pressure washing operation.

Pressure washing across the UK. Call us today on 023 9237 8855 or 07850 723 348