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Keeping things clean underfoot

Floors always see a lot of use, which means that they need good and consistent cleaning. Floor cleaning does present a problem which other cleaning does not: constant use makes the wear more continuous and the cleaning more disruptive. We can tackle these problems effectively.

Floor cleaning carried out around your schedule

We work on commercial and industrial facilities across the country, providing floor cleaning which works around your operation. We use methods devised to keep floors clean, safe and in a good state as time goes by. Get in touch with us for more details of how we can help you.

Cleaning where others can’t

Grime and dirt can collect in area of the floor which are difficult to reach and easy to overlook. We solve the Health & Safety problems this can cause with specialist cleaning methods such as pressure washing and deep cleaning.

2015-02-03 04:52:41

Southern Window and General Cleaning

Can complete thorough risk assessments and method statements prior to commencing any floor cleaning operation.

Contact us to discuss industrial floor cleaning on 023 9237 8855 or 07850 723 348